clean; simple

clean; simple

Keds sneaker / Steven Alan hat

already dreaming of spring; planning for it–and who can blame a girl in sunshiny, windy, blue-skyed Texas for jumping to conclusions after a string of mild days?

perhaps we’ll get another freeze. but, I’m already thinking of high-waisted shorts and vintage leather flats–like the buttery-soft, cap-toed ones made in Spain that I found recently, with a subtle, elfin point and little silver nails in the heel–and silk blouses. pleated skirts. blue and white. cool and soft, smooth and elegant, clean and simple.


all tomorrow’s parties

all tomorrow's parties

because holiday party season isn’t over quite yet.

there is something inherently glamorous about the holiday season. something luxe about making merry amongst fairy lights. come to think of it, maybe that’s all there is to it–that glow: a forgiving soft tone; the haze of nostalgia or sentimentality, of romance; the twinkly feeling of one too many glasses of effervescence.

cheers to more bisous and sleepless nights and sparkling people and sparkling wine.


color story / january

frayed jeans / john himmelfarb / silk bandanas / the western spirit

I’ve been interested, lately, in the western spirit as an aesthetic. the romantic (or simply romanticized) relations between liberty, individualism, and lawlessness–wildness.

jeans cropped rather than tailored, with cheeky raw hems. a bandana rather than a necklace. caramel-colored booties and cream-colored silk and a mussed mane of hair. felt fedoras, lucky rabbit feet, denim on denim.

there are little stories told through a certain vibe, a cohesive style, a mood or color story. this one evokes the prairie sky: marbled, with high winds, riding toward that big, pink-crested horizon atop a horse or a hog.