au naturel

it’s been the summer of au naturel, of suntans and freckles, makeup that enhances rather than transforms, cropped tee shirts and cropped jeans–the summer of keeping it simple.

this summer I nearly turned blonde; the sun gave me the prettiest highlights, gratis, and my brunette girlfriends got little red flecks & streaks after we sunbathed on roofs and on blow-up rafts and on plastic daybeds.

now, it’s time to think about fall. I’m thinking camel & mulberry, black turtlenecks and gold earrings.

I’m looking at fall through the dissipating haze of late summer, when everything has a golden glow, and following that gamine hipster turned chill-ass babely rock goddess 60’s/70’s vibe on home (also looking to invest in some decidedly transitional reading, moving on from the lighter rooftop fare to the academic & retrospective). here come longer days and cooler nights, new looks and new vibes.

happy September.

images: glossier / lisa says gah / NARS (fast ride) / madewell / anjelica huston


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