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some reading

reading orwell’s politics and the english language alongside a nifty essay on the current linguistic/political atmosphere–an atmosphere heady with incoherence, with a sinister nonsensicality.

let’s reflect on democratic socialism, then, and on orwell’s intelligence and humor, on the new york review of books. on speaking up and on being quiet. on revolution! on peace. let’s focus. let’s connect the dots. let’s be coherent, and kind, and see beauty and grace in those qualities, in intentionality and humanity.


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color story / january

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I’ve been interested, lately, in the western spirit as an aesthetic. the romantic (or simply romanticized) relations between liberty, individualism, and lawlessness–wildness.

jeans cropped rather than tailored, with cheeky raw hems. a bandana rather than a necklace. caramel-colored booties and cream-colored silk and a mussed mane of hair. felt fedoras, lucky rabbit feet, denim on denim.

there are little stories told through a certain vibe, a cohesive style, a mood or color story. this one evokes the prairie sky: marbled, with high winds, riding toward that big, pink-crested horizon atop a horse or a hog.