late May, New Orleans 

late may is humid. the air is dense with moisture & termite swarms.
did you know crows are huge? they’re the size of a small cat. their claws are reptilian.

eating leftovers resurrected with fried eggs. watching documentaries. reading essays by george orwell.

oh, and, welcome home.

constantin brancusi / oliver schwarzwald / ciccella / kleidersachen


clean; simple

clean; simple

Keds sneaker / Steven Alan hat

already dreaming of spring; planning for it–and who can blame a girl in sunshiny, windy, blue-skyed Texas for jumping to conclusions after a string of mild days?

perhaps we’ll get another freeze. but, I’m already thinking of high-waisted shorts and vintage leather flats–like the buttery-soft, cap-toed ones made in Spain that I found recently, with a subtle, elfin point and little silver nails in the heel–and silk blouses. pleated skirts. blue and white. cool and soft, smooth and elegant, clean and simple.