blood orange, wine

drank red wine + blood orange soda the other night atop my friend’s car, and as the ice clinked and jangled we talked about life as a part of death & vice versa, that it was cyclical, and while scientific–death, as we all know and can observe, comprehend and analyze, creates and sustains new life–inherently spiritual.


wine cocktails or spritzers or whatever nomenclature strikes your fancy are surprisingly refreshing. I’m not an effervescent girl, I like still not sparkling, straight not muddled, diluted or lightened up. but when it’s late summer and you’re sitting on the hood of an old Volvo chainsmoking and talking about life and death, it’s just the thing.


choose a big yet balanced red, nothing too fruit forward. about 1/4 soda to wine–we mixed ours with the inimitable aranciata rossa from san pellegrino; I’d even recommend a splash of cocchi rosa for extra cheek.
serve over ice & get philosophical.


france gall, sheila & johnny hallyday // pin via electric love company

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