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questions & answers

in light of oh-so-curated beauty brand glossier’s newest addition–serums–I wondered if everyone else wondered the same thing: what the heck is a serum? into the gloss, the proud parents of glossier, fittingly & unsurprisingly had the answers. they have all the answers. reading these whiz kids’ write ups on techniques and products is always informative, if not inspiring.

I’ve been thinking about questions & answers–fumbling through the index of war&peace for context, researching rilke when a spirtual friend referenced his modernist self-orientation & pessimism in context to her mediative practices, her understanding of the universe as an entity in lieu of god, and finding, aghast, that the poet had been appropriated by the ‘new age’ community. made up of folks like her who watch a lot of oprah.

do they understand the context–and do they care to?–of questions, even if present in psuedo-mystic poetry, on the self and society, on god and nature?

wondering about what constitutes or complicates cultural appropriation when a fabulous friend declared he hoped to emmulate the bold, whimsical, riotous  textiles popular in west & southern african sartorialism and was scolded about gay rights in said part of the world.

and then we talked about art as global, as shared, as lacking ownership and therefore, potentially, unifying, with glasses of wine and cigarettes in hand. straight out of some meandering godard film (watched a bit of his documentary on sympathy for the devil the other night; it was, of course, stange and beautiful and political. if not informative, inspiring).

sometimes, there are not really any answers, no objective truths. but one should always ask the questions.