babes & beasts


revisited the myth of orpheus & eurydice after watching this epically gorgeous series of short films showcasing gucci’s pre-fall collection & directed by gia coppola.

does it get any better? go ahead and read that through one more time before watching. gucci. gia. did I mention lou doillon?

would it, perhaps, be too esoteric & obscure to be–yes, it is already that time of year!–a maenad for halloween?

they are some beastly babes. the bad girls of greco-roman mythology. (the party girls, in any case.) the whores to athena’s madonna. the crazies–ecstatic, frenzied, sexually charged, immodest, impulsive, powerful.

cloaked in fawn skins and covered in leaves and slinking snakes, a swipe of iridescent haloscope on each cheek.

a spooky kind of lovely.

gucci pre-fall / haloscope / Otto, Dionysus: Myth and Cult, 1965

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