minois chiffonné

literally, a “crumpled little face”.

a Jane Eyre reference and an old French idiom, it means attractive in an unusual, quirky way, or, having physical ‘imperfections’ that only add to one’s charm or beauty. I love that. I love Jane Eyre, and I love that.

I love the little things–or the unnoticed big things; the odd and funny, the bold and strange; the rebellious, the cute, the so-ugly-it’s-cute, the scarred, the complex. freckles and attitude problems.

tumblr_lb19smine11qah9gwo1_500     0a9e4a7d60c0340b4b1550d60e1f1cdb    e96c99bea2e75ba9771b019ccbf09d4d

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sylvie vartan, saskia pomeroy, ohara hale; the velvet underground, sandwiches; frank stella is flanked by his work.



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